Pies from Blue Bayou Farms

Blue Bayou Farms is a family owned and operated business located in Yalaha, FL. Aside from being Central Florida’s premier organic u-pick blueberry farm, Blue Bayou Farms is known for incredibly tasty pies. The family of Blue Bayou Farms has a lot of traditions and one of those traditions are baking pies from family recipes that are many years old. Stop by Blue Bayou Farms and surprise your family with an authentic southern pie!

Our regular Pies include:
Tomato Leek pie
Blueberry pie
Apple pie
ABC pie (apple, blueberry, cranberry) 
Chicken pot pies 
Soprano pizza pie

Blue Bayou Farms can prepare a special pie just for you with 24 hours notice! Click here to place an online pie order.

If you would like to take home a particular pie the day of to be sure to call in the morning to reserve a pie for you.
*Gluten free pies available by request

Weekend Specialty Items:

Banana bread & Shine Cakes