What is Amish Cheese?

Amish cheese is all the talk among cheese and health connoisseurs and for good reason… because it's so tasty! Amish cheese is a specialty cheese that is made with special care. What makes Amish cheese special is the care that goes into each package.

Amish cheese is made with cow's milk and the milk is free of hormones or additives. Each type of cheese is made in a small batch instead of an extremely large batch such as mass produced cheese companies. Amish cheese is typically extra creamy and rich in taste. Blue Bayou Farms has a wonderful selection of fresh Amish cheese. We hope that you’ll stop by and find the perfect wedge of cheese for your next meal.

Blue Bayou Farms is a family owned and operated organic blueberry farm and country store. Country store items include local produce, homemade pies, jellies and jams, and most of all Amish cheese! It is always a fun time when visiting Blue Bayou Farms and we hope to see you soon.