The Benefits of Supporting Local Farmers


There are many cities in the United States that are privileged to have local farmers harvesting local produce and Yalaha is just one of the many. Local farmers are a special and important asset to every community. Farmers work hard every day to make sure crops are fresh and healthy for families to enjoy. When the weather gets tough, you can bet farmers are working extra hard to secure their harvest.

There are many benefits to supporting local farmers and while we can talk about the benefits all day, we want to highlight a few important ones.

  • Locally grown food supports the local economy. Supporting local farmers means supporting the local economy, which is major for any city. Money that is spent with local farmers and growers stays close to home and is reinvested with business and services within the community. It creates a cycle of local support! 

  • Local foods mean safer food supply. The fewer steps between the food you purchase and to your table mean less of a chance for contamination, expiration, and other issues. Foods that have a long journey to your table aren’t as fresh and could pick up some bacteria along the way. When you support a local farmer, you initiate a farm to table freshness that enhances your meals!

  • Purchasing local produce promotes eating seasonally. Although, you can get a lot of produce year around at the grocery store that doesn’t mean it’s in season. Adding in-season foods to your diet (especially from a local farmer) enhances the nutrients and excitement of meals at home.

Blue Bayou Farms can’t thank our guests enough for choosing us as a source for local fruits and vegetables. Farming has been a way of life for the family of Blue Bayou Farms and being able to share our gifts of local produce is rewarding. We hope you visit Blue Bayou Farms soon and check out all of our wonderful, delicious, LOCAL produce!