All About Organic Blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms

Blue Bayou Farms is a quaint organic blueberry farm nestled in Yalaha, Fl. Family owned and operated, Blue Bayou Farms holds the key to just about all things blueberry. Blueberry pie, blueberry jam, and blueberry moonshine are just some of the few goods you’ll find at the Blue Bayou Farms country store. Visit on a Saturday and there is a good chance you can enjoy live music and tasty BBQ. Visit any day of the week and you’ll discover a handful of homemade jams, pies, and local fresh produce.

U-Pick Blueberries
U-Pick season usually starts in the spring and ends mid-summer. Weather is a large variable in our harvest and can play a very good role in our crops as well as a very bad role in our crops. Give the farm a call to make sure the u-pick fields are open!

Blueberry Pies
Blueberry pies are baked fresh daily around sunrise. The blueberries in the pies are from the fields of our very own organic blueberries. Give us a call to order a pie for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or for any holiday. We even have mini blueberry pies if you’d like a smaller portion.

Blueberry Jam
Blueberry jam at Blue Bayou Farms comes to life thanks to the organic blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms. Our blueberry jam is created with hand-picked organic blueberries and a special family recipe. Blueberry jam from Blue Bayou Farms should for sure be a staple item in your kitchen.

Blueberry Moonshine
Our sister, Yalaha Bootlegging Co., curates award-winning moonshine using organic blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms. Moonshine from Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is known to have a smooth taste that is the right amount of bold. The special ingredients that encompass moonshine from Yalaha Bootlegging Co. are the science of distilling moonshine along with organic blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms

We hope that you’re convinced to visit Blue Bayou Farms even if it’s not u-pick season!