Proof of Moonshine from Yalaha Bootlegging Co.

Moonshine dates as far back at the 1920s and one thing remains the same from past to present day and that is the proof of moonshine. If you’re looking for a strong adult beverage then moonshine should be your choice of drink. Proof of moonshine varies from distillery to distillery so we can’t speak for all of the moonshine creators but we can speak for Yalaha Bootlegging Co. moonshine, which is bottled at 100 proof and Brandy is bottled at 90 proof.

Moonshine has a reputation for being a drink that is strong and that can get the job done. It also has a reputation for being really potent but doesn’t necessarily taste good. That is the difference with Yalaha Bootlegging Co. moonshine. Our moonshine is made to taste good with the traditional kick you’re seeking. Yalaha Bootlegging Co. moonshine is made with organic blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms and Southern Pecan Moonshine is aged with wood chips (along with another batch of Yalaha Bootlegging Co. moonshine). We’re not the only ones that think our moonshine is tasty. Yalaha Bootlegging Co. moonshine won A silver medal for the best taking moonshine!

Don’t just take our word for it! Visit Yalaha Bootlegging Co. to see how we create and distill Lake County’s favorite moonshine. The best part… tastings are ALWAYS available! We feel pretty confident you’ll love our moonshine!

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