Moonshine and the Prohibition

Moonshine was very secretive and popular during the prohibition era. From 1920 to 1933, alcohol production, importation, transportation, and the sale of was forbidden. The people were in outraged and took matters into their own hands. Before any of us knew it, alcohol was being distilled in low key operations by the light of the moon {hence, moonshine}. Friends would ask their friends for the best water in town in hopes they could get their hands on moonshine. Rooted deep in the roots of moonshine, you’ll find an original recipe from someone in the Yalaha Bootlegging Co. family.

Just like our friends, we’re glad the prohibition era is over! More importantly, we’re glad that ideas have evolved since 1920 and moonshine is easily accessible and legal for anyone over the age of 21. The legal process of operating a craft distillery to create and share moonshine is challenging but we wouldn’t change it for the world.

Moonshine is different at Yalaha Bootlegging Co. because it’s crafted with organic blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms. Each barrel of moonshine is personally cared for by a member of Yalaha Bootlegging Co. so you can guarantee it’s in good hands. Southern Pecan Moonshine is one of our other special moonshine recipes along with Blueberry Brandy

We hope you visit Yalaha Bootlegging Co. soon for authentic southern moonshine. Moonshine tastings are always available and we’re certain you’ll have a great time! If you visit Thursday - Sunday then you’ll meet Eddie from Eddie's BBQ. We don’t want to brag but Eddie has some of the best BBQ in the area. Live music each Saturday from 11:30 am -2:30 pm from Nashville star, Carl Adcox. See you soon!