Central Florida’s best 
moonshine and brandy distillery

Ask us for the best water in town!

The McCormack family worked diligently for three years before selling moonshine and brandy to the general public. You can now enjoy authentic, Yalaha local moonshine and brandy with your friends and family. We invite you to visit the distillery to learn more about our moonshine and brandy distilling process.

Want to see how we make moonshine? Ask us about our public distillation days!

Tastings are always available!


Yalaha Bootlegging Company | Yalaha, FL | Moonshine Distillery | (352) 324-4069

Moonshine is part of the core foundation for the family of Yalaha Bootlegging Co. The McCormack family has deep ties to distilling moonshine, especially during the prohibition days. Old stories about the prohibition era all begin with, “McCormack family had the best water in town.” Large quart size mason jars with a clear liquid may appear to look like water at first glance but in reality contain 100 proof, smooth and delicious moonshine.

Time may have come and gone but the McCormack family continues to distill moonshine and share the family tradition with friends and family. We no longer have to hide our precious moonshine in a basement! After loads of paperwork, legal meetings, and a lot of persistence, you can now enjoy 
authentic moonshine... legally! Yalaha Bootlegging Co. opened shop in Yalaha, Florida., in the heart of Lake County in 2016.

Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is just a short distance from 
ClermontLeesburg, and even Orlando and we hope you visit us one day soon. See with your own eyes how we create moonshine. We’ll even let you have a taste of our award-winning moonshine and special brandy.

There is a really good chance you’ll even meet a member of the McCormack family upon
your visit!