Yalaha Bootlegging Co. is a short drive from our friend, Mickey Mouse. Otherwise known as Orlando, Fl., central Florida’s premier moonshine and craft distillery is just a short drive from Orlando. Award-winning moonshine is distilled right on site of Yalaha Bootlegging Co. and distilled with organic blueberries from Blue Bayou Farms. Creating moonshine and brandy is a special trade and one that has been formulated down to a science by the family and owners of Yalaha Bootlegging Co.

Yalaha Bootlegging Co. invites you to visit to see how moonshine and brandy come to fruition. Taste testings are always available to guests. There is also a good chance you’ll meet the creators of Yalaha Bootlegging Co. moonshine and brandy.

Yalaha Bootlegging Co.

8222 County Road 48 

Yalaha, FL 34797 

Phone: 352-324-4069

E-mail: yalahabootleggingco@gmail.com


Tuesday - Sunday 10 am - 5 pm

Special Events:

Thursday - Sunday BBQ from Eddie 

Live music on Saturday with Carl Adcox

11:30 am - 2:30 pm  

Central Florida’s best 
moonshine and brandy distillery